Facundo Fernandez, Georgia Institute of Technology: "Enabling Mass Spectrometry Technologies for High-Throughput Proteomics and Metabolomics"

Jan 29 2008, 11:00 am
Distinguished Lecture Series Guest Speaker: 

Facundo Fernandez

Assistant Professor
School of Chemisty and Biochemisty
Georgia Institute of Technology

Date & Time: 
Tuesday January 29, 2008
Klaus 1116W
The better understanding of complex biological networks heavily relies on the identification, localization and quantitation of biological and bioinorganic molecules. Mass Spectrometry (MS) is a key analytical method for broadband detection of biochemical targets. However, in order to be amenable to MS analysis, neutral molecules have to be first converted into electrically-charged gas-phase ions. A fundamental question in mass spectrometry refers to the understanding of the mechanisms responsible for the generation of these ions. A better understanding of these mechanisms allows carrying out the ionization process with higher yields, without fragmentation, and more confidence in the observed results. However, no existing ionization method can be considered the “silver bullet” that can tackle every scientific problem. Hence, the search for more versatile, sensitive, and robust ionization methods has become a recurring theme in the mass spectrometry. In this talk we will explain the basic workflows in Proteomics and Metabolomics, discuss the novel ionization methods that we are currently developing and studying, and introduce a variety of applications that we are pursuing. In addition, we introduce a new generation of post-ionization separation instruments designed for increasing the dimensionality of modern chromatographic approaches, which have the ability of distinguishing isomers, conformers, and other ionic species based on their shape, not simply their mass.
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