An algorithm for predicting human disease-associated amino acid mutations from sequence entropy and predicted protein structures

This server will fast retrieve pre-computed mutation scores (average exome coverage is 90%, score >0.45 is disease-associated).

Notice: This server is free for non-commercial users. Commercial users, to use this server or request a download of all pre-computed scores, please send email to Dr. Skolnick: skolnick@gatech.edu

Citation: H.Zhou, M.Gao & J.Skolnick, submitted

Training & test datasets:
Download ENTPRISE-TR benchmarking training set
Download ENTPRISE-TR benchmarking training set with duplicated samples
Download ENTPRISE-TE benchmarking test set
Download ENTPRISE-balance benchmarking test set (a subset of ENTPRISE-TE)
Download protein sequences for ENTPRISE dataset
Download 1k-Genome test set
Download protein sequences for 1k-Genome test set

Predictions for proteins of human transcription machinery:
Download "hot" spot predictions

Server results will be better than benchmarking results since server has used all data including the above benchmarking test set for training.

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