Performance of the Pro-sp3-TASSER server in CASP8

TitlePerformance of the Pro-sp3-TASSER server in CASP8
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsZhou, H, Pandit S B, Skolnick J
Volume77 Suppl 9
Date Published2009

The performance of the protein structure prediction server pro-sp3-TASSER in CASP8 is described. Compared to CASP7, the major improvement in prediction is in the quality of input models to TASSER. These improvements are due to the PRO-SP(3) threading method, the improved quality of contact predictions provided by TASSER_2.0, multiple short TASSER simulations for building the full-length model, and the accuracy of model selection using the TASSER-QA quality assessment method. Finally, we analyze the overall performance and highlight some successful predictions of the pro-sp3-TASSER server.

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