Glenn J. Martyna, IBM TJ Watson Laboratory, "Using in Silico Studies and Physical Experiments to advance Biomedicine from Therapeutic Peptides to DNA Sequencing"

Feb 22 2011, 11:00 am
Distinguished Lecture Series Guest Speaker: 

Glenn J. Martyna

Physical Sciences Division
IBM TJ Watson Laboratory

Date & Time: 
Tuesday, February 22, 2011, 11:00AM
Klaus 1116E
Jeffrey Skolnick
In order to generate significant results with application to biomedicine, it is necessary to use methods both capable of sampling long length and time scales and achieving a high degree of prediction. This can be accomplished by combining in a novel way, large scale parallel simulation studies with high caliber experimental work. In this lecture, it is demonstrated that progress can be made in developing powerful new approaches to sequence DNA and in the understanding of how the conformational properties of small fragments of the HIV glycoprotein gp41 are affected by each other and their environment leading to new insights into therapeutic peptide design. It is stressed that in the absence of close collaborative work, the conclusions of the studies would have been less significant. This research is supported by IBM, NIH, NPL, and the EPSRC.
Additional Info: 

Dr. Martyna received his Ph.D. in Chemical Physics from the Columbia University and subsequently became a NSF Postdoctoral Fellow in Computational Science and Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania. He was a tenured faculty member at Indiana University, Bloomington before joining IBM. In 2008, he was appointed Honorary Professor of Physics at The University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Dr. Martyna's research has focused on atomistic modeling of chemical, biological and materials processes, in particular, developing novel techniques that markedly increase the speed and efficiency of computer simulations and applying the methods to investigate important physical phenomena.

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