Comprehensive prediction of drug-protein interactions, side effects for the human proteome

This server will screen your molecule against pre-computed target library. Top targets with mTC >= 0.9 (or top 350 ) will be returned. You can also search the pre-computed DR. PRODIS database for DrugBank drugs against the human proteome. Human protein target structure models and ligand binding sites are also available.

Notice: This server is free for non-commercial users. Commercial users, to use this server or request a download of all predicted targets for all DrugBank drugs, or software evaluation, or a customized target library, please send email to Dr. Skolnick: skolnick@gatech.edu

Citation: H.Zhou, M.Gao & J.Skolnick, Nature Scientific Reports (2015), 5:11090

Click to DR. PRODIS: search DR. PRODIS database for DrugBank drugs against human proteome (structure models & ligand binding sites are available for each target)

Send questions to hzhou3@gatech.edu

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