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MetaTASSER: Protein Structure Prediction tool. MetaTASSER may be accessed from PSiFR


MetaTASSER is a protein tertiary prediction method that employs the 3D-Jury approach to select threading templates from SPARKS, SP3 and PROSPECTOR_3, which provides aligned fragments and tertiary restraints as an input to TASSER (Threading/ASSEmbly/Refinement) procedure to generate full-length models.

TASSER is a hierarchical approach that involves template identification using threading programs, followed by tertiary structure assembly via rearranging the continuous template fragments.Threading provide continuous aligned fragments and predicted tertiary restraints. Assembly occurs using parallel hyperbolic Monte Carlo sampling under the guidance of an optimized, reduced force field that includes knowledge-based statistical potentials and spatial restraints extracted from threading alignments. Using SPICKER, the models are automatically selected by clustering the structures from the low temperature replicas.

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  • This service is freely available to academic users and not-for-profit institutions.
  • Commercial users may request an evaluation copy from .
  • Commercial users may license the MetaTASSER software after completing the license agreement and sending it to Download the license agreement.

If you use MetaTASSER, please cite the following papers:

H. Zhou, S. B. Pandit and J. Skolnick. Performance of the Pro-sp3-TASSER Server in CASP8. Proteins 2009:77(S9): 123-127. PDF
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