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TASSER-VMT: Protein Structure Prediction tool


TASSER-VMT - builds target-template alignments using SP3 alternative alignment and HHpred methods. Then short TASSER runs generate full length models from Variable number of Multiple Templates. These models are then selected by TASSER-QA, FTCOM & GOAP ranking procedures and the selected models are refined with a relatively longer TASSER simulation. TASSER-VMT performs better than MetaTASSER and pro-sp3-TASSER for Easy targets (SP3 Z-score > 6 ) , but is computationally more expensive. A light version of TASSER-VMT is available here


  • This service is freely available to academic users and not-for-profit institutions.
  • Commercial users may request an evaluation copy from skolnick@gatech.edu .
  • Commercial users may license the TASSER-VMT software after completing the license agreement and sending it to skolnick@gatech.edu . Download the license agreement.

If you use TASSER-VMT, please cite the following paper:

H. Zhou and J. Skolnick. Template-based protein structure modeling using TASSERVMT. Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics. 80(2):352-361, 2012.PDF

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