New Human GPCR modeling and virtual screening database

New Human GPCR modeling and virtual screening database is constructed using FINDSITEX: FINDSITEX is applied to 998 identified human GPCRs. First, TASSERVMT-lite provides updates of all human GPCR structures previously modeled in our lab. We then use these structures and a new function similarity detection algorithm to screen all human GPCRs against the ZINC8 non-redundant (TC<0.7) ligand set combined with ligands from the GLIDA database (a total of 88,949 compounds). It also has off-target predictions. This database can be searched using text input,FASTA formatted sequence input.

Reference: H. Zhou and J. Skolnick: FINDSITEX: A structure based, small molecule virtual screening approach with application to all identified human GPCRs. Molecular Pharmaceutics, 2012, 9(6):1775-1784 PDF


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All 998 Human GPCR Sequences

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