TASSER-Lite: Protein structure prediction and Modeling tool (Beta-release)


TASSER-Lite is a comparative protein structure modeling tool. The present version of TASSER-Lite is optimized for modeling of single domain (41-200 residues) homologous protein sequences; that is, proteins with a sequence identity greater than 35% with respect to a known template. The template for the modeling of query sequence is identified using threading program PROSPECTOR_3 (Skolnick et al. 2004). Subsequently, the structure is refined using Threading/ASSembly/Refinment (TASSER) program (Zhang and Skolnick, 2004).

Please cite: S. B. Pandit, Y. Zhang and J. Skolnick. TASSER-Lite: An automated tool for protein comparative modeling. Biophysical Journal 2006:91: 4180-4190.


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